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Roof Insurance Claims

Our job is to be your advocate. Navigating through an insurance claim is uncharted territory for most of our customers. Fortunately, we do it every single day.

In disaster recovery poor claim handling is the number one reason roof replacement often gets delayed. We’ll take the time to learn the provisions of your policy and ensure that the insurance company delivers on every promise.

Free 22-Point Roof Inspection!


  1. CALL  – Contact us a no-obligation roof assessment  consultation.
  2. INSPECT– We become your ally in the claim process.
  3. ADJUST – We’ll meet with your insurance adjuster to review the damage.
  4. REPAIR – We complete the repairs and clean up when we’re done.

So, What's Inside Of Our Inspection Report?

1.Roofing (Shingles looking for any type of damage via installation, manufacture defect, foot fall, hail or wind damage.
2.Pipe boots, penetrations are cut zone areas.
3. Vent
4. Apron flashing 
5. Step flashing
6. Counter flashing
7. Chimney siding
8. Ridge vent
9. Valleys 
10. Facia
11. Soffit
12. Edge metal/drip edgr
13. Siding on home
14. Gutter inspection 
15. Downspout inspection insure water is running correctly. (Flow)
16. Starter shingle inspection 
17. Ridge Cap shingle inspection
18. Layers inspection 
19. Attic Inspection 
20. Decking/sheathing inspection 
21. Garage Door inspection
22. Roof attachment inspections ie Satellite etc 
23. Underlayment inspection.



We’ll be your advocate throughout the entire claims process. With decades of experience working with insurance adjusters, we have a thorough understanding of all types of policy language. We’ll read your policy thoroughly and make sure you get every benefit that you deserve.


We’re transparent with our customers. We stand by our pricing and processes – insurance or not. If you’d prefer to work with us without providing insurance information, we’re happy to do so. We’ll provide a detailed inspection and storm damage assessment so that you’ll have the tools you need to handle your claim.